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Welcome to AY Martial Arts! Congratulations! You have taken the first step on a path towards a continuing process of self-improvement. The self-improvement process is the greatest battle that the modern day Martial Artist faces and as your Sensei I want to make it clear that our true purpose is this way. Self-improvement entails much more than just setting goals or targets; for the Martial Artist, this has become a way of life. Your training in the Ancient Martial Arts (Budo) will enhance your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. For those of us on this path our greatest gratification comes from giving people something that they need. This handbook has been developed to guide your path of selfimprovement, help answer questions you may have and acquaint you with information which will be valuable to you as a student of Traditional GoJu Ryu Karate-Do. Always keep it handy.

Sensei Aman Yousufy

AY Martial Arts Inc.

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